GAGGENAU AL400191 90厘米 檯面式升降抽油煙機(外排氣式)
Main facts:
Extendable table ventilation, when not in use can be completely lowered into the worktop
Can be combined perfectly with other Vario appliances of the 400 series
Dimmable, warm white flush LED light for ideal illumination of the whole cooktop
Precision crafting of 3 mm stainless steel
For surface mounting with a visible edge or for flush mounting
Motorless, can be combined with Gaggenau BLDC remote fan units
Power levels depend on the remote fan unit, see table on page XX.
3 electronically controlled power levels.
Interval ventilation, 6 min.
Run-on function, 6 min.
Grease filter saturation indicator.
Cartridge-type filter, dishwasher-safe.
Warm white flush LED light (3600 K), continuously dimmable.
Lamp output 4 x 20 W.
Illuminance 260 lx.
Spare covers for closing air outlets.
No connecting piece included.
Consumption data:
Consumption data is referred to a configuration with the remote fan unit AR400142.
Energy efficiency class A.
Energy consumption 49 kwh/year.
Ventilation efficiency class A.
Ilumination efficiency class E.
Grease filter efficiency class C.
Sound level min. 45 dB / max. 61 dB normal mode.
Total connected load 65 W.
Connecting cable 1.7 m, pluggable.
Network cable 1,2 m.


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GAGGENAU AL400191 90厘米 檯面式升降抽油煙機(外排氣式)

  • 品 牌: GAGGENAU
  • 型 號: AL400191
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存
  • HK84,000.00

標籤: GAGGENAU, AL400191, 90厘米內置式桌上抽氣槽, 90cm Table Ventilation