GAGGENAU BS484/BS485 嵌入式電蒸爐
The BS 484/BS 485 with a width of 76 cm has a fixed inlet and outlet water connection. Five humidity levels can be combined with temperatures of up to 230 °C, meaning that these ovens can do everything: steaming, baking, simmering, braising, regenerating, extracting juice, as well as grilling and browning.
Handleless door / automatic door opening
Fixed inlet and outlet water connection
Hot air 30 °C to 230 °C can be combined with chosen humidity level of 0%, 30%, 60%, 80% or 100%
Full surface grill behind glass ceramic for easy cleaning, combinable with circulated air up to 230 °C and steam
TFT touch display
Panel-free appliance with surface control module
Steaming without pressure
Electronic temperature control from 30 °C to 230 °C
Core temperature probe, removable
Net volume 43 litres
Energy efficiency class A
Heating methods
Hot air + 100 % humidity.
Hot air + 80 % humidity. 
Hot air + 60 % humidity.
Hot air + 30 % humidity.
Hot air + 0 % humidity.
Full surface grill + circulated air.
Full surface grill. 
Full surface grill level 1 + humidity. 
Full surface grill level 2 + humidity. 
Dough proofing.
Low temperature cooking.
Automatic door opening.
Rotary knob and TFT touch display operation.
Clear text display in 25 languages.
Option to save individual recipes (incl. core temperature probe).
Information key with use indicators.
Side-opening door opens up to 180° angle.
Full surface grill 2000 W behind glass ceramic.
Steam removal.
Core temperature probe with automatic shut-off.
Actual temperature display.
Timer functions: cooking time, cooking time end, timer, stopwatch, long-term timer.
Electronic boiling point detection.
Capacity display for filter cartridge (if connected to GF 111 100 descaling system).
48 W halogen light on the side.
Hygienic stainless steel cooking interior.
4 tray levels.
Child lock.
Safety shut-off.
Cooled housing with temperature protection.
Cleaning aid.
Drying programme.
Descaling aid.
Grease filter, dishwasher-safe.
Energy efficiency class A.
Total connected load 2.9 kW.
Only cold water connection.
Inlet hose 3.0 m with 3/4 " (26,4 mm) connection.
Outlet hose (ø 25 mm) 3.0 m (HT-Hose).
Plan a connection cable.
Appliance Dimensions:H455 x W752 x D535 (mm)
Built-in Dimensions:H450 x W724 x D550 (mm)
One Year Warranty


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GAGGENAU BS484/BS485 嵌入式電蒸爐

  • 品 牌: GAGGENAU
  • 型 號: BS484/BS485
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存
  • HK89,000.00