GAGGENAU AW442190 90厘米抽油煙機
Main facts:
Function for automatic, sensor-controlled power adjustment depending on the build-up of cooking vapours
Air extraction or recirculation system
Recirculation module with activated charcoal filter: Silent and highly efficient air recirculation solution with odour reduction compareable to air extraction and long replacement intervals
Three electronically controlled power levels and an intensive mode.
Automatic function with sensor-controlled run-on function.
Grease filter saturation indicator.
Easy mounting system for simple installation and alignment.
Total connected load 30 W.


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GAGGENAU AW442190 90厘米抽油煙機

  • 品 牌: GAGGENAU
  • 型 號: AW442190
  • 庫存狀況: 尚有庫存
  • HK56,000.00

標籤: GAGGENAU, AW442190, 90厘米抽油煙機, 90cm Wall-Mounted Hoods