ELECTROLUX 伊萊克斯 EBC54524AX 嵌入式咖啡機
Inspiration design fully automatic coffee machine with touch controls
Fully automatic pre-programmed machine offering a selection of coffee including espresso, long and mug
Fully automatic integrated coffee machine
Multi-cups thermal jug(serve up to 6 cups of coffee directly in the jug)
auto Cappuccinatore with milk jug
Aroma function: coffee taste selection
Coffee quantity selection: 5 options
Two cups at once
Steam or hot water functions to prepare Americano, cafe latte, cappuccino or hot chocolate
White LED display with touch controls will confirm your choices and let you know when the cup is ready
Use fresh coffee beans or pre-grounded coffee
Water hardness settings
Water tank accessible from the front for easy refill - 1.8L capacity
Sensor and LED indicator for water refilling
Telescopic runners
Color: anti-fingerprint stainless steel
Made in Italy
Built-in (mm)
450(H) x 560(W) x 550(D)
Dimensions (mm)
455(H) x 594(W) x 382(D)


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ELECTROLUX 伊萊克斯 EBC54524AX 嵌入式咖啡機

  • HK24,800.00

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